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Wrap it before you tap it
Don't be silly cover your Willy
Don't be a prick cover your dîck
Wrap your stump before you hump
Wrap you rod then please her bod
Remember to plaster your blaster
No glove, no love
Don't be a fool cover your tool
Wrap that tool before you catch the drool
Check yourself before you wreck yourself
A condom day keeps the baby away
Don't be a dummy, wrap it like a mummy
Safe $ex is great $ex
Giftwrap your member, especially in December
Cover your steam before you cream
Wrap it in latex before she gets your paycheck
Cover you chode before you blow a load

SUICIDE SQUAD - December 14.2015
July 16, 2015


If a demon possessed my grandma or another family member and I am staying with them for the summer and they put rules such as #1 NEVER leave your room after 9:30 here are the things I would do

1. Never leave my room after 9:30 pm
2. Don't do the creepy shit they ask me to do such as get in the oven and clean it
3. Don't let them in my room after 9:30 pm
4. Don't listen to my sibling if they say did you hear that noise coming from outside the door
5. When I leave never come the fuck back

Yeah, I'm weird as shit, but you know what they say
I actually don't fuckin know. Look it up or go fight a bish.
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