My Personal Rating Scale is :
~~*-*-*-*-*~~ Excellent work of art
***** = Loved it couldn't find any errors
**** = Liked it finished it but needs a little work
*** = Liked it but needs alot of work
** = Like the story idea but to much work needed to finish reading it
* = Not a story that held my interest.

I am not big on writing about me so plain and simple. I loved writing as a teenager and before but life's practicality's lead me away from it. Recent changes have allowed me to pick it back up. Wattpad is different then the site I am used to using. One reason is the comments I comment more along those lines tell what you like and tell what needs work. Please remember these are honest opinions and took me a long time to get to where i would comment that way because to me it sounded like being a know it all. I by no means know all there is to know, but have learned to honestly say what I feel may help a writer to improve and hope they will do the same for me.

I think my biggest learning experience came in 2002 when i got my first book published. OK at this point my only book published and not by a publisher i would recommend. Thus the lerning experience. Proof reproof and proof again don't count on the publisher providing adequte editors although a good publisher will provide editing your more likely to get their attention with a well edited story. The less ork they have to put into the more likely they are to accept it. Research your stories although imagination is the basis of a good fiction there must be some element of truth to make it more believable. Watch your time tables because they can throw off your settings if your placement in time does not correlate with facts again the story doesn't hold the punch it would normlly.
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