Things I LIKE About Wattpad:
1️⃣Losing myself in a book for hours.
2️⃣Free stuff to read, yes please!
3️⃣The comments on the side, they're usually hilariousss xD

Things I HATE About Wattpad:
1️⃣Finding an amazing book...that hasn't been updated after a killer cliffhanger in 2011 #why

2️⃣When people advertise their work to you and it sucks but you don't know how to tell them that #awkward

3️⃣When you want to change all of your chapter titles but decide against it because you don't want to spam peoples feeds with your chapter updates #mecurrently
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Story by icedancer12
The Breeder's Daughter by icedancer12
The Breeder's Daughter
"After tonight, you will share the hut with the partner's chosen for you. As graduates of a breeding ins...
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