Hi, I am a little confused I thought you were going to make a sequel to almost lost and post the first chapter in July. Are you still going to make a sequel? I really need to know what happens next! 


@Sarah5947251 Hello. Yeah I was going to make a sequel for Almost lost but realize that there is not much left to tell about Abel and Celine so I just added the rest of their story to Ethan's story cause it fits more. So you can check out what happened next after Celine's kidnap on Ethan's story which I'm currently still writing.
            The name is 'Loving Again'
            Thank You.


I reqd a brother's regret in one day and u really love it although i realised that something is wrong with my mind because while reading first 15 chapter i was hoping that this story turn into incest story and when i was sure that this will not gonna happen then i was hoping she somehow romantically involve with francis...i am such a creep haha anyway i love your story❤️