AlOha PeOpLeZ :D
so ...
My LOVEs are:
~Chocolate !!!!
~kung fu panda {beware i've learnt alot of tricks from Po..mwahaha!}
~food .. DELICIOUS food like PIZZA! :P
~hanging out with friends and family
~ && my sister --> @XdrasticX and my other sister from another father and mother @chocolover04 <3

My HATES are:
~ && people who think they're all that!
yupz thats it,if i exhibit any more i'll surely add them :P

about me:
well... im kinda shy with new people but once im close with you im one heck of a crazy chick ! i like day-dreaming ALOT .. and i hated reading but now i love it! when i start i cant stop which really pisses my sister(s) off! i still love watching cartoons :) i don't write but i do have a book full of plots :P kinda scared to write and publish and all.. BUT my sister is an awesome writer ! check out her book --> Summer by @XdrasticX (:

P.S: if u want me to read anything or even talk to me just PM me :)
P.P.S: i am not a preacher as said by @XdrasticX and @chocolover04 :P

People u have GOT to fan :

~@XdrasticX --> she is an AWESOM person/writer/sister/friend/EVERYTHING :) fan her and read her books! u'll love her :)

~@chocolover04 --> Moi LoVeLy sister from another mother(+father).. she is the most retarded person you could ever meet! the most outgoing! the most fun person!

~@xHeyImCrAzY13x --> my new AWESOME buddy! she is CrAzZy(in a good way ;P ) ! u will have the time of ur life when u talk to her! <3

FAN THEM and fan me so i can fan u back :)

ciao! :D
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