*****all names have been changed*******  
My name is Liliette and I came to Wattpad to tell the story of what happened in my small hometown of Windham, Ny during the recent hurricane named Irene. It is 100% true, only the names have been changed. I'll tell you about the destruction and damage but also of the banding together of the community and the miracles that occurred. I had a first hand view of it all.

My name is Alex and I am here to tell the story with Liliette. However my tale is quite different, seeing how I only have a second hand account of the flood, but I have been here throughout the rebuilding.

******Alex and Liliette will rotate narrating the story each chapter***********
*******If you wish to help please donate at http://windhamrebuild.org/******
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Just Another Storm

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Description: It all began during a normal August. Then the rain started. This is the story of Liliette and Alex two girls whose lives are forever changed by the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene. It is a story of hope...


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