Your mother is a (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep)-ing (Bleep) lorem ipsum (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) Admitumvenium (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) treguna (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) hippopotamus (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) republican (Bleep) (Bleep)-ing Daniel Radcliffe (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) with a bucket of (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) in a castle far away where no one can hear you (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) soup (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) with a bucket of (Bleep) (Bleep) Mickey Mouse (Bleep) (Bleep) with a stick of dynamite (Bleep) magical (Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep) Alakazam


Oh by the way, I'm Star, I'm a pessimistic hypocritical a hole who hates a lot of things, draws badly, and sometimes makes bad edits/videos.

Tell me the brutally honest truth if I'm being weird I don't understand social cues

Always open for drawing requests or a friendly PG-13 role-play (by that I mean no smut because that's fucking weird).

You don't like me and/or my stuff? Ok. GET ON YOUR SKATEBOARD AND FLY, LITTLE MONKEY, FLY!


LUPIN CANT SING LUPIN CANT SING oh wait i cant do that either.

I'm an idiot who sometimes speaks in broken Wahoolian because I'm insane.

Anyway, Insane Potterhead and Starkid, Im a spinner and brony (so what? Deal with it.), Volunteer, Faller, Disnerd, Oncer, Miraculer, and Whatever a Zak Storm Fan is called (I think it's a Websurfer or Waverider but I'm not sure)

Good job, you made it through my my insane bio.

Now you can have a cookie.🍪

IG:@starship15_a2 @imakecrappyedits

Tumblr: @starship15-a2 @icantaert


Ongoing Projects: TLWDLM (AO3, Wattpad), Wild Wonders (Independent) Accidentally (independent)

Goodbye, don't go insane!
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iamastarshipranger iamastarshipranger Apr 13, 2019 12:32AM
So instead of finishing chapter 3 of the Ladybug!AU I watched Spies hahahaha I'm sorry I've been busy with school and fandom stuff.
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