The owner of this account is abandoning her crappy works for let's say... a long time? It's because she's currently useless and worthless. Feel free to abandon, unfollow her and her works too. She's a good for nothing piece of trash. She doesn't deserve anything at all.


@iamCynlovesmicky nahack ba ang acc. ni author?


@iamCynlovesMicky Hello author. i don't know what circumstances you're in but please do remember that you have someone you can depend on. Just pray and always ask for guidance to him. Everything will be fine... maybe not now but soon. You'll be fine. :)


@iamCynlovesMicky Hey. Okay ka lang ba? May prob ka? Kahit naman umalis ka ng ilang buwan pa okay lang. Wag mo lang sana iwan muna ang WP. Mamimiss kita gumawa ng works eh. Maybe sa ngayon wala ka pa maisip. Maybe in the latter months pa. :) Please? Don't leave :)


Hi miss author? bat ganun po ung ending shl special book? bitin po  may karugtong pa po yun? 


If YooChun and JaeJoong will be the black wizards then just bring me to their world! :))


Hi. Bat nawala na po yung My Mom's Other Guy ?? BTW haha nabasa ko po kasi yun 2 years ago yata tapos kanina lang nung nakita ko sa youtube channel mo na sayo po pala yung story na yon eh gusto ko ulit basahin.

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