Okay so I used to have a Wattpad, parents made me delete it? It was MaxthevampireQ I think.
So about me:

My favorite color is black.

I LOVE Percy Jackson! scratch that... I'm addicted to Percy Jackson ;)

My favorite band of ALL TIME is Panic! At The Disco. (I've been listening to them since July 2016)

My favorite song at the moment is "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)"

I love to rp, but like, please don't just DM me and be like "Hi wanna rp?" It makes me MAD. Don't ask why. Just accept that rule please.

Adventure Time is my LIFE (Cause I don't actually have one :D)

Harry Potter can go fuck himself for all I care.
Percy Jackson is taking over 🔫
(P.S sorry not sorry Samantha ;) )

I have social anxiety and just anxiety in general. I hate being in public places, especially without a friend with me to calm me down. It doesn't help when I'm at a super crowded beach with boys EVERYWHERE. (I may only crush on two real life people but I still get intimidated by cute/hot boys.

ScReW gRaViTy

Black and Green tea are the best ❤

Don't even get me STARTED on lime Takis and Peace Tea 🖤

Fuuuck I'm addicted to mango stufffff

I love FNAF and Melanie Martinez, and of course TØP.

oh yeah, feel free to message me. The name's Vanessa. Also, ASK before you give me a nickname please! Nicknames I permit without asking are: Ness, Nessy, Nessa, Vanilla, Vanoosa, Vanaenae, and Vanes

Also you can call me Elizabeth, Lizzie, or Eli if you'd like. That's my middle name

Fandoms And Shit I'm involved with:

PJO 🔱💀⚡

Crybabies ❤🍭🎙


RD 👄🔫

Markiplite 🕶 💻

Septiceye 👀💚

A-Time 👌🏻👱🏻🐶👏🏻

Lazytown 🙌🏻🏃🏼

It goes on forever.
Don't even ask about the last one.
Just enjoy it while it's there.
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