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[ ♀ ] Annoelle \(*^ワ^*)/

Five Fabulous Fun Facts About This Authoress:

1. My favorite color is red, but I don't really like wearing it.
2. I hate cursing IRL, though I feel it can be appropriate in fiction.
3. I used to be able to recite my library card number by heart.
4. Before Wattpad, I posted my stories to TeenNick Quizilla.
5. I could eat soup everyday of my life, and not tire of it.


[ ♂ ] Jun <(๑´ㅂ`๑)>

Five Fascinating Fun Facts About This Author:

1) My favorite color is grey, and yes, I prefer that spelling.
2) I'm the one who actually writes the steamy scenes... yeah...
3) I like eating raw eggs over piping hot brown rice.
4) I would happily spend an entire day sleeping.
5) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is my favorite graphic novel series.


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Just a Silly Question: Do you think the toucans are strangely beautiful?
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Hey, Can I Touch Your Pants?

Social data: 27.4K reads. 551 votes. 220 comments.

Description: Without any warning, his head dipped low and pecked me on the cheek, catching the tiny corner of my mouth. When he came back up, his eyes snapped open to reveal the mischievous, playful look embedded there. After my shock had dissolved, I glared har...

iWroteToday commented on broken boy - // preface \\

Hey Amber, I took a break from revising some chapters to make sure I read your story tonight.
      I think you have a very poetic sort of writing  style. It's nice. I think you need to do some revisions, though.  You have quite a few grammar issues and I thought the beginning portion was a bit confusing.
      I know it can be really difficult to see your mistakes when you've been staring at the screen for an hour or so, I suggest reading your story aloud and then you'll be able to find your problems.  And I hate myself for giving this advice because it used to be one of my pet peeves, but try adding more detail. For example, "the smell of hospital intoxicates me" ... you could relate to the sterile smell of latex gloves and rubbing alcohol, or the sickly stale air. 
      They really make a difference!

@legally_crazy  Haha it's pronounced like the month. It's a nickname since my name is Julian, and my family has been calling me JunJun since I was baby.
       I'm so glad you like our writing style. We have a lot of revising to do, though. Chapters 3-9, I think are still in their original forms and it's a bit obvious.
      We'll get reading your story tonight. We just gotta finish writing the draft for the newest chapter. :D
legally_crazy posted a message to iWroteToday
      Thanks so much for for the follow. And thank you so much for inventing Elliot. like bro, now I have a new mental best friend. 
      I care about my mental best friends. I was kinda getting bored of the old one. 
      that was nothing. 
      ANYWAY-- you guys are freaking amazing (like Utterly Insufferable? the last time I saw something like that was in fault in our stars) and thanks yea yea yea. 
      hope we get to stay in touch 
      -Amber :))