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I'm Annoelle and I share this account with my other half, Jun. We love writing for this community, and getting to know more of our fellow wattpad-ers.

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[ ♀ ] Annoelle \(*^ワ^*)/

Five Fabulous Fun Facts About This Authoress:

1. My favorite color is red, but I don't really like wearing it.
2. I hate cursing IRL, though I feel it can be appropriate in fiction.
3. I used to be able to recite my library card number by heart.
4. Before Wattpad, I posted my stories to TeenNick Quizilla.
5. I could eat soup everyday of my life, and not tire of it.


[ ♂ ] Jun <(๑'ㅂ'๑)>

Five Fascinating Fun Facts About This Author:

1) My favorite color is grey, and yes, I prefer that spelling.
2) I'm the one who actually writes the steamy scenes... yeah...
3) I like eating raw eggs over piping hot brown rice.
4) I would happily spend an entire day sleeping.
5) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is my favorite graphic novel series.


Okay, so Jun typing.

We just wanted to thank everyone for all the support. We know that we're really slow when it comes to posting new content. Despite our busy lives, Wattpad continues to be that place that both Annoelle and I can escape to.

That's all thanks to you guys! Every follow, vote, comment, and read means so much to us. We hope you'll stick around with us.

Heh, so without further ado, please enjoy our stories!!!
Just a Silly Question: Do you think the toucans are strangely beautiful?
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Chapter 15~The Whole Ugly Incident is up!
      Please go and read it! We'd love to hear feedback as well!
      Expect a new chapter soon xD
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