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Five Fabulous Fun Facts About This Authoress:

1. My favorite color is red, but I don't really like wearing it.
2. I hate cursing IRL, though I feel it can be appropriate in fiction.
3. I used to be able to recite my library card number by heart.
4. Before Wattpad, I posted my stories to TeenNick Quizilla.
5. I could eat soup everyday of my life, and not tire of it.


[ ♂ ] Jun <(๑´ㅂ`๑)>

Five Fascinating Fun Facts About This Author:

1) My favorite color is grey, and yes, I prefer that spelling.
2) I'm the one who actually writes the steamy scenes... yeah...
3) I like eating raw eggs over piping hot brown rice.
4) I would happily spend an entire day sleeping.
5) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is my favorite graphic novel series.


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Just a Silly Question: Do you think the toucans are strangely beautiful?
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Hey, Can I Touch Your Pants?

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Description: Without any warning, his head dipped low and pecked me on the cheek, catching the tiny corner of my mouth. When he came back up, his eyes snapped open to reveal the mischievous, playful look embedded there. After my shock had dissolved, I glared har...

Chapter 15~The Whole Ugly Incident is up!
      Please go and read it! We'd love to hear feedback as well!
      Expect a new chapter soon xD

I don't mean this to make you feel bad, but I kinda don't understand the pace of their relationship. 
      We still don't really know what Luke looks like or Alex, for that matter, and you say that they both have this certain feeling for one another. It seems a bit... sorry... shallow. Like there's no reason really that they're attracted to each other, other than the fact that they both having raging hormones.

The dialogue was great!
      It needed way more detail, though. It was strange that she was having these feelings for him without us knowing anything, at least from a physical view. You could easily add information about the way he looks and stuff on his profile. Otherwise, the connection Alex made with him means nothing to us readers. 
      Hope this was a helpful suggestion. ^_^

Okay, so seems a bit like a diary entry of an angsty teen.  
      For a prologue, l felt it was short and didn't really give me a background or reason to continue reading. It was like an angry rant.
      Also, you didn't need the cliche of that last line. The line before was a lot stronger, and created more of a resolution to all of the darkness in the content above. 
      The switching between 'you' and 'I' was bit confusing. However, the grammar was a pretty solid.