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As you can read, my name is Tsing Yi Nguyen. I enjoy reading many people's stories. My mind is quite graphic so I am able to picture the scenes and characters playing out. There is downside to this though. I've tried writing my own stories, but they never become complete. It's more like scattered thoughts that never have an ending to them. &&, I'm very indecisive about the endings, the characters, what goes on, and etc. So writing isn't for me at the moment. As I've said secondly before, I enjoy reading stories.
I have a preference though. I usually read romance-comedy, teen-romance, science fiction, or adventurous stories. It's quite out of the ordinary for me to read Horror or documentaries/history stories. History stories usually bore me, and Horror stories really creep me out. Horrors, I can picture every detail and it's not usually a pleasant thing to remember. It makes it harder for me to sleep at night.
While reading people's many stories, I've often tend to notice people's Grammar and Spelling mistakes. I've always wanted to fix them or notify the author of the mistake, but in the past, I didn't have time. However, I want to help authors fix these mistakes now. I'm quite determine and try to finish everything I do. If I am your editor, I would work hard. ஐ

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