16 years young from Minnesota. I absolutely adore Taylor Swift, Criminal Minds and my horses. I've been riding over 10 years and love my QH, Phoenix to the end of the world. Taylor Swift follows my blog. PG, AJ, SM, JM and KV from the CM cast have tweeted me. I love writing, drawing and dreaming. I want to film and direct movies someday and travel the world to see everything. 
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Bloody Waters

Social data: 2.3K reads. 76 votes. 24 comments.

Description: A young female pirate, Elizabeth Swann of Captain Jack Sparrow's crew, saves a child from the noose and nurses her back to health on the Black Pearl, only to find out this child is far from normal. This is a P...


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The Event of a Lifetime

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The Duchess's Daughters

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Prophecy of Thorns

Prophecy of Thorns

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