We're just two girls who love writing. Here's a little about ourselves

*Wants to play hide and seek in a ball pit
*Loves Hunter Hayes
*Wants to be a Tumblr girl
*Loves lions
*Loves food
*Short- yup, very short
*Giant University of Texas fan
*Texas girl
*Loves riding motorcycles

~Favorite food is French fries
~Loves cupcakes
~Laughs a lot
~In love with the Janoskians
~Idols are Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande
~Wants to meet Emblem3
~Loves photography
~Still loves Winnie the Pooh
~Is a gigantic kid-at-heart & always will be

We have personal accounts, too. They're down below...

ilovesparkles123's (Cori) stories:
*Four Best Friends... Two Bands
*A Million Views (An Emblem3 FanFic)

KitKatLove77's (Xiomara) stories:
~Reunited (1D Fan Fic)
~I'll Be Your Everything (An Emblem3 Fanfic)

That's all that we can think of right now. Soo... BYE! :)
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Story by Cori & Xiomara :)
It Started With Fangirl Rehab... (Emblem3 FanFic) by iLoveKitkats7724
It Started With Fangirl Rehab... (Emblem3 FanFic) Fanfiction
When one friend signs the other friend up for fangirl rehab, things are unexpected.