I've had this account for a long time, as you can tell, therefore a lot of it is... shitty, if I'm permitted to say that? I do believe I've gotten a lot better, so don't take some of the older stuff on here (Hogwarts with the Marauders I & II, The Dragon and the Angel, etc, etc.) too seriously--or siriusly. ;)


[[NEXT GOAL:]] 100 000 reads.

"Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it."

Hogwarts with the Marauders (I): Fan Fiction #456; Romance #972
Hogwarts with the Marauders (II): Fan Fiction #312; Adventure #211
The Dragon and the Angel: Fan Fiction #97; Romance #981
Meeting the Marauders: Fan Fiction #357; Mystery/Suspense #116

●/ BTW, my background is of my own creation. Don't use it without my permission!
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The Dragon and the Angel - [Draco/Hermione]

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Description: What happens when the Golden Trio go back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Why, all hell breaks loose, of course. Doesn't it always? With Draco and Hermione becoming Head Boy and Head Girl, Ron...

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Hogwarts with the Marauders (II) [OLD]

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