I loooove to write, but unfortunately I'm not always consistent in my updates on this site. Due to my forgetfulness of course! :)

I also loooove to read, so suggest stories you are writing to me?


I'm 15 years old.
I love the color orange.
I love sports.
I play the clarinet.
I <3 children.
I am bipolar (watch it? ;])
I'm usually in a great mood.
I have ADHD.
Alwwayyys hyper.
I love music.
I think thats it?
Yess. Oh & also check out my stories?

MikalaMariee. <3
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iJustSawCupidStrike iJustSawCupidStrike Aug 23, 2011 11:08PM
@ChickenSalad aww thanks so much, I enjoy writing so much! And I am glad you enjoy reading my stories, because I write them for you guys! (:
            &&I do hope to be an author someday, after I already have...
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His Dirty Little Secret

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Description: Let's be completely honest. I, Mira Ravenwoods, am having an affair with my teacher. My twenty-three year old Scottish teacher, so would you blame me? It wasn't meant to happen, and it wasn't meant to last a y...


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