Hello there! My name is Nikie and I'm 18. I'm an Architecture student who loves to make book covers, write, proofread, sing, and dance all just for the heck of it. I'm a hopeless romantic who doesn't believe in love (yes, you read that right). I love to meet new friends, and I have a part time job which I am proud of. So, follow me if you want. 

I have an instagram account :) https://instagram.com/nikiecabrera/

Thank you for reading! Have a great day/night! :)
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iHeart17 iHeart17 Oct 28, 2012 02:14PM
@SwazzleBazzle That's fine :) Thanks for being a part of it :)
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Description: Lilianne Jane Esposito, a girl living in a world full of lies and false hope. With her bestfriend Arrianna Marie Crossly, she can handle anything, well maybe not everything. When she finds out about reality a...


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