Appa! Yip Yip! 


Hey iHeart_Patty-Walters
          Please check out my stories, "Abused Mate" and "Lost Angel"
          Hope you enjoy them,
          Thank you  


HELLO, KEYANA! THANK YOU FOR FOLOWING ME! *hands you blue cupcakes that never finish* ENJOY! *a pack of wolves run in the forest* COME ON! WE GOT PANIC! AT THE DISCO PLAYING AT THE PACK HOUSE! COME ON! *runs with the wolves at their pace*


@AngelStormV Oh my god you're freakin awesome! I'm on my way to the pack house right now! lmaoo


Please check out this awsome book "I Was Kidnapped By A Group Of Horny Foreign Mermen" by @GingyAndTheBrunette 
          P.S. tell your friends and your followers too and see if we can get a chain going to get more updates! Thank you if your supporting this!!!

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