Okay, so here is all you need to know about me...

*First name is: Keyana
*Favorite color is: Turquoise
*Favorite books are: BoyxBoy(duhh), Manxman, Bl novels, sexy paranormal and Erotica in general
*Favorite Anime: Attach on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul (Call them mainstream but, you can't deny they are fuckin Ace)
Favorite Manga: Switch Girl and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (THE funniest shit I've ever read)
*I love Kpop~( Idgaf if I don't understand what they say bitch!)
*Favorite Group: BTS aka Bulletproof boyscouts (S/o to all the wattpad ARMY)
*Ultimate Male Bias: Kim Nam Joon ( Try him and I'll cut a bitch)
*Ultimate Female Bias: Lalisa Manoban (Waifu)
*Favorite Ship: Taegi ( V and Suga )
*Favorite K actor: Henry Lau❤❤(Zaddy)
*Favorite song: Go! by BTS
*Second favorite song: Just You and Me by Jinbo feat. Jay Park (A true Masterpiece)

P.S. I am absolutly in love with Jay Park, he is going to be my husband one day and Lisa will be my side chick. Lmao
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Please check out this awsome book "I Was Kidnapped By A Group Of Horny Foreign Mermen" by @GingyAndTheBrunette P.S. tell your friends and your followers too and see if we can get a chain going to ge...
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