*I love to read. And paint. And write. Honestly the reason I'm here is because all I want to do is read other people's works and try a hand in creating stories. FYI I'm new at this so don't judge if I still don't know how to do this. (Actually sometimes I'm just really lazy so be patient)At the mean time I'm just readn' and readn'. So while waiting how 'bout you read this...
My quotes:
"what is wrong with people? Can't they get life isn't simple. It never will be."
"I sucked to hard and it wouldn't let go"
(It's not what you think, it was when I was drinking from
A bottle.)
"Suck it again I didn't see it" (explanation up there^^^)
"Someone will always be better than you"
"Everyone eventually dies"
"Pader is always watching" (Inside joke)
"Millard Nullings is always watching."
"A friend will pick you up when you fall but a best friend would laugh and trip you again."
"Hello darkness my old friend."
"Hail Lucifa!"
"Damn Daniel!"
"My dad walked into my room when I was practing for a dance and he asks me 'can you dance for me?' I grab my leg and fall to the floor screaming 'I think I broke my leg!' I didn't realize I sounded like michael Jackson at that time. I ran down the stairs and my dad yells at me 'you didn't brake your leg did you!?' And I answer him 'No! I just didn't want to dance for you, you perverted old man!"

"Kill me now."
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