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I'm a living proof that Disney princesses do exists. I am a sucker for fairytales. I live to believe in princesses and goose-girls; youngest sons and gallant princes; ogres, giants, dragons, and trolls; wicked stepmothers and false heroes; fairy godmothers and other magical helpers, talking horses and playful mice. I believe in magic and enchantments and spells and charms. Someday, they will lead me to my Prince. He may not be as handsome as Prince Charming; or as brave as Prince Erik; or as adventurous as Peter pan; or as clever as Aladin but he'll be just the way he is and hold my hand into my adventure towards my happy ending.

Finished one book. Read it :)
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iAlwaysWill iAlwaysWill 2 years ago
@SilverAG_23 Nabasa mo ba yung chap 59? Kalma. XD
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