I am a Weird cupcake obsessed unicorn who somehow ended up on the most amazing site that ever existed. 

I love books, photography, and anything Marvel. I'm pretty much the weirdest person you will ever meet with an unhealthy obsession with tumblr. Another fact about me: I have terrible spellings.


Are you bored? Here are a few things that should help. (Your welcome.)
-read my story
-vote on my story
-go check the books in my reading list, they are the most amazing books
ever written on Wattpad
-talk to me, I am seriously bored and jobless.

I don't generally follow people back when they follow me but if you want me to follow you I will! :). Also, if you need help with covers and stuff, I would love to make you one!

By the way guys, I am working on a project called #projectfriendzone with a couple other really cool Wattpad people. Head over to the official account @projectfriendzone to see what it's about!.
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