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Hello there!
My name is Nova and I am in fact 15 years old. I am bisexual and I love Disney movies. I am an artist and I love painting my walls. Yes, yes I paint my walls and no my mom does not mind it. I am depressed, I have anxiety. I am not interested in people that want to use me. Of course we can be friends but don't try anything!
I do roleplays but only with oc's.

My favourite YouTuber/s are:
My future husband who's channel name I won't put into my bio.

Single {?️}
Crushing {✖️}
Taken {?}

future husband ❤💚😍
~• @zoltanvamosofficial
~•I love him dearly! If you hurt him in any way I will come after you!•~

Sister/best friend ❤💖
~•she is like my little sister! If you hurt her I'm gonna kill you!•~
  • with my husband
  • JoinedJanuary 25, 2020