I'm too fucking lazy for introductions but I'm doing this anyways. I cuss like a bitch, love KPOP and anime. Insomnia fucking sucks and tripping over everything does too. The only sport I would do is walking to the cake  in the fridge. Music is my only escape for this irritating ass  place called earth. As my user name states I fucking hate humans and myself. I'm not afraid of death and if I were to die I wouldn't care. I'm petty af and I'm pretty sure I have multiple mental issues but I haven't been diagnosed so that's that. I should have been born a boy tbh 😒

I'm straight but I fucking support it 🏳️‍🌈
Nutella is my weakness
✂️ I would like to cut multiple bitches but I'm not ready for jail
Reading is life 💙
So is music

Brendon Urie slays my life
So does taehyung
So does Melanie Martinez
And Lana del ray
Troye Sivan is 💜
Zayn is also 💜

I'd turn bi for rose
Mcr is my downfall

take care of yourself - 조심해요
If rock music is emo, then why have it saved so many lives?

Kakashi is bae
So is Sasuke and Gray
I'd LiTERally kill to meet BTS

♪'03 Liner
♪Ravenclaw with slytherin traits🖊
♪Hidden Kard
♪Otaku ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
♪Many more
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The creepy shit that goes on in my head :)
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It's pretty fûcking self-explanatory
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