Dr. Romeu is an Executive Medical Director who has been successful in health, wellness, and fitness for many years. Online reviews from his patients say that he takes the time to understand what's going on with them. Dr. Romeu has done a lot of clinical trials and research. He has done 32 trials for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 41 trials for diabetes, 12 studies on dermatology products, 7 studies on rheumatology, 15 studies on devices, 16 studies on HIV, 7 studies on oncology and chemotherapy, and 12 studies on weight loss.

As an expert in clinical pathology, laboratory medicine, anatomic pathology, forensic analysis, and research, Dr. Romeu keeps in touch with professionals, providers, and distributors from all over the world. During the pandemic, Romeu was in charge of important steps forward in COVID 19 testing and FDA submissions for antibody and antigen kits.
  • Miami, FL, USA
  • JoinedJune 14, 2022

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