Ramadan Mubarak! <3.


Assalam o Alaikum
          I had been searching for so long for the perfect Islamic book to read and Ya Allah ''Boys? Ew'' had everything I wanted. Just the perfect amount of everything to make me yearn to read it all in one go. So far, I have only reached chap 11 but I bet the rest will be just as good. 
          Have a good day!


"The book that kills" is hands down one of the most captivating books I've read, I couldn't put it down till d end. I love the plot and everything it felt like I was in there trying to catch "the man" along with them. It's wonderful to see that there are still writers on wattpad that can write like this. Most people focus too much on the romance and forget the story. I just want to give my encouragement for such a wonderful art keep it up.


Girl! I love what you write. May Allah put barakah in your ilm and in your writing and basically every good that you do ❤


Salaam sister, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to ask if you can check out @asiya323 story Mistaken Perception. She is a great storyteller. I  think you will really enjoy her stories in sha Allah. She is one of my favorite authors here on wattpad


Assalamualaikum......I have read ur book 'boys?ew''s a great story masha Allah....<3....and then came across your next book 'the book that kills'.......I loooove that book....... that's when I came to know abt its sequel 'knock knock'....I was reading it......pls update that story....I wanna know what happens next....hope u update ASAP......and btw Masha Allah u r a great writer.....May Allah shower his blessings on u and grant success in your life ahead....Ameen.....!! :)...


Salam! I read your book Boys?Ew. a while ago and tbh it’s like 11/10 the best book I’ve read on this platform - it’s sincere, easy to connect with, and well written. I started your other book, Escape, and I’m really excited to see where you take it - it’s a pretty awesome concept and you’re doing an amazing job crafting it. Keep up the good work!


tl;dr: I’m a big fan :)

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