This was my first book on wattpad.  Because of this story I started to read others too. N I'm very excited n also curious to know what will be the whole story.  Bt it's taking a long time. I guess it's been 1year and half month since I read it but it's not finished yet. I know that ur busy bt so we are. But still we came with hope that u have updated a new story.  So please can u update the story a little quickly .  ❤❤❤ 
          *Also love this story with all of my heart *


Thank you so much for loving my book. Your sweet message made me feel so guilty about not updating TCHN. I recently decided to delete it because I had no motivation to write more even though I have the whole story written in my mind. But I decided not to for all my supportive readers who are waiting for an updated for months. I am working on the new chapter right now. I know it won’t be as good but I’ll try my best.