My name isn't Peyton to start off. (Wanna try and guess my real name? Lucks to those who try!)
I have dreams, but the catch? There not just dreams, there nightmares, I never call them nightmares, it only makes it worse :P
I play tennis, but hear the truth, I suck at it unless everyone around me shuts up so I can play, yes meaning I am amazing at it, but only when its COMPLETELY silent :D
I ride horses, I also own one, a gelding named Santana only five years old! You could call him my inspiration to keep on living...Literally.
i'm scared of transportation, heights, and zoos...lets just say...It was the nightmares...
I like to write, it gets all my emotions out so i don't go rampage :P (Anyone seen a short Asian girl go on rampage? Believe you wanna laugh but if you do, you are certainly dead.)
I like to talk, listen to music, and do stupid things. (Doesn't everyone?!)
I like all genres of stories...depending...
I love to paint, draw, photography, you name it I've probably done that type of art.
I like to do puzzles and lots of mind games...(Sure lets call me old just because I can crochet and you can't! :D)
I have the sight of a granny, meaning I have to wear glasses, I hate glasses but i hate contacts more. (So yes, call me a nerd just because I wear glasses.)
Me cooking? O my gosh call the fire department! The only thing I can make are deserts...and toast...so I guess whoever I marry is going to be pretty limited on food choices :P
Goals you say? Me? Goals? Yea...a few, make it to the 2016 Olympics and live till 20...goals for here? Ummm...write stupid things and have people read them? Well a serious one would be at least 500 fans :P
-Peyton (or HJmPS or horse or horsejmp, don't care, just don't piss me off...i really don't need a hole in my wall...)
If you have any questions, suggestions, wanna chat or anything else contact me at horsejmp@yahoo.com I always answer questions and talk there, mostly business stuff though, so no creeper stuff please!
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Maybe It's Alright?

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Description: Maybe it's alright. By me. This will probably turn out to be a series of silly short stories about me and my life. I don't really understand where I'm going with this right now but...maybe it's alright?

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It's been so long since I've been on wattpad that apparently the format of it all changed?  You guys are too much, I have over 200 followers somehow xb Thanks guys. I'm starting new though on an account called Peyt0n. I guess I will keep this one around just for kicks.
Hey guys, wow its been half a year since i've last been here. I've missed you all so much! I'm sorry I haven't been active for years but i'm still here kinda hahaha...i just want to get good grades in school and i'm so freakin busy and argh but i mean hahaha maybe it will lighten up? hahaha no. anyways maybe i will write something, i'm in this creative writing class now so maybe maybe! anyways have a good day and thanks for following me cause now i'm almost at 200! guys this is so awesome my goal on here is like 500 and AHAHAH its taken me like years to get to 200 xD maybe y my senior year i will have 500? Anyways i'm on tumblr a lot more now a days, orihorsejmp on there. have an awesome day and hey if any of y'all are apart of key club hit me up so we can meet up at international or district convention if you're in the texas oklahoma region! hahaha anyways byee y'all stay safe and always always always stand up for what you believe in