regular writing and role-play based writing. will be specified. 

⠀ೃ ˚✧ marvel based, crossover and oc friendly. she / her.

let me start by saying all my writings will be started with warnings. as a writer, it's my job to keep the reader safe and I would never put anyone at risk of their triggers without warning. if I portray something that makes you uncomfortable or you've experienced incorrectly without my knowledge, feel free to message me.

my writings will be inconsistent time wise, I'll be dabbling into role-play writing & story writing. I will be clear about which is which.

now if you're interested in writing with me as I am a role-play account, let me start with a few guidelines and warnings.

I am a minor, but I am not a baby and will not treated as such. follow up with this rule is I will not be engaging in smut for the fact I do not want to put anyone in danger legally and I do not enjoy writing m/f smut, only f/f if it's safe.

if you have any triggers that should be discussed prior to us writing, PLEASE let me know if we are going to be touching on mature themes. I have my own as well, you should not be embarrassed - we both need to be in touch with each other's sensitivity levels.

my activity is not a 10/10 when it comes to replying. this is not a challenge to spam me or take it as you're being ignored.

my only request with literacy is that you try. it can be as short as you'd like, as long as you give me something to work with.

if a character is being added in that you bring in for plot reasons, you portray them.

please keep in mind: as long as you're respecting triggers, there's no reason to hold back your character and everything we write is between our characters and not us. <3
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