"Though she be little, she be fierce." 🔥🔥

Hey and welcome to this corner of Wattpad that belongs to yours truly!!!!

I'm Hiya!

I love socializing! And if you follow me, you get automatic permission to call me Hiya!

And here's my three best friends:

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~Madds! My sweet nutcase!!~ ♥ @furry_little_problem

~Kitty Kat! Talented mastermind!!~ ♥ @GraciaRio

We're @Goddesses_Of_Olympus together!!!

Also, me, Madds and Fae have an account together, @Gryffinclaw2810

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So... A little Q&A with me;

Hiya (surname is a secret and don't tell them Steffi!

No, of course not (Note the sarcasm)

How about... HELL TO THE YEAH

~Where do you live?
In India, but staying in Germany for an year.

Scorpio!!!! Let me warn you, I'm really, and by that I mean REALLY possessive. Comes with being a Scorpio.

~Relationship status
I'm 13, and #singlepringle 🔓
(But I have a crush)

INDIAN!!!!!! WE ROCK!!!!!! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

~Demigod or mortal?
Daughter of Zeus, Lightning Princess ⚡

~Hogwarts House?
I'm a Slytherdor but mostly... Gryffindor.

~Pokemon partner?
My Pikachu, Piku

~Favourite Pokemon ship?

~Marichat, Adrienette, Ladynoir or Ladrien?

~Favourite HOO character?
Leo Valdez. And then Thalia Grace.

~Which faction?

~Which district?
District 12

~Favourite color/s?
Yellow, black and grey.

28 October

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And that's about it!!!! Thanks for reading through! Please click the button that says Follow and read my stories! Peace out!
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