"If dreams really did come true, then my life would be perfect." 🌟🌟🌟

~By me


Hey! My name is Hiya! Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you are ?

Here's some stuff you should know about me:

⭐ I'm random and really crazilicious

⭐ I'm kinda violent

⭐I go by many nicknames, such as Yahi, Hiyu, Lightning Princess, Devil and Sun!

⭐I'm dirty minded (insert lenny face)

⭐ I'm not sarcastic at all. Gee, why would you think that?


⭐ I'm single Pringle, but crushing ♥

⭐Proud Hisdustani! ??????


⭐A really possessive Scorpio! ♏

⭐Love to make friends! If you follow me, we're automatic friends, and you can call me Hiya

⭐I'm a bitch only when it comes to three things:
~Insulting me
~Insulting my family and friends
~Insulting my country


Here's my family! My best friends!!!

⭐Fae or @Smart_Ravenclaw! She's super smart, and Greek bestie!!! ?????

⭐Stacie, or @GraciaRio! She's a super sweet mastermind, and American bestie!!! ?????

⭐Madds, or @furry_little_problem! She's an amazhang writer, and American bestie!!! ?????

⭐Rielle, or @Gabby_Smith_ She's really awesome, and American bestie, again!!! ?????

⭐Danny, or @Daniel_Bamberry, my newest best friend!!! And American bestie ????

I'm into many fandoms, lots of them, crazy ones.

Here's a list of my fandoms:

⭐PJO and HOO

⭐Harry Potter

⭐The Kane Chronicles

⭐Magnus Chase

⭐The Fault in our Stars

⭐The School for Good and Evil


⭐ Miraculous Ladybug



And many, many more!

My profile header (mood banner) and profile pic were made by the talented Aris, @FoxcatAl. Thank you!!!!

Please click that follow button, and enjoy my stories!

Cya guys! Bai!!!
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hiya2810 hiya2810 Feb 24, 2018 08:49AM
Okay, guys. NEW BOOK ALERT!!!It's called, "Mafia". I'm publishing the first part RIGHT NOW. So if you find it please give it a read and tell me how it is :)Thanks for reading! Cya guys! Bai!!!!
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