Eighteen; somewhere between lost and found. A teenager in search of the Great Manifesto; in love with pages between books by authors long gone. Most probably sipping coffee and watching the rain, or writing in hopes of filling up enough pages to make something close to a novel.

Hello, I would rather not reveal my real name but please do call my Charlie. I made this account when I was twelve and I must say, god that was ages ago. This sudden return was caused by extreme boredom one summer day and I must say, I still cannot believe it has been three years. I'm sorry for disappearing. I suppose I could give this all one more try -- although I am extremely apprehensive of the fanfiction. I reread all my works and god was I such a terrible writer. I still am, but oh well, the things we endure for the things we love.

Anyway, this is an about me segment right? So there, you can call me Charlie. I'm your typical sarcastic eighteen year old. I attend university in the city over here where I'm from (you'll just have to guess) wherein I battle it out with (usually) only four hours of sleep and caffeine.

Bands are my salvation and concerts are always the place to be. My next one is on October and it's of my favorite band -- Mayday Parade -- I'll actually be meeting them after the show. Huzzah! I like taking walks under the rain, laughing during horror movies, and hanging out with my friends. A lot has happened to me for the past years but here I am still fighting. So whoever is reading this, keep going. You never know when you'll meet the friends you're sure to keep and maybe even someone who'll cross the sky for you, like I did.
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hisimperfectangel25 hisimperfectangel25 Jul 17, 2016 02:08AM
Hello? Is this thing on?
            Yes hello, everyone. It's me again. Yes, I am still alive and yes I will be updating again -- there's a new chapter to the remus lupin story in case you haven't noticed it y...
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