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I'm Emily. I'm an overly-caffeinated teenage cheerleader, who's obsessed with Twizzlers and cupcakes. I'll be a junior this fall! I love to write, I also paint, and sing in the shower. I'm British. My best friend is a cat that has no name. I am a huge fan of Myth Busters, and would like to try their experiments at home someday. My brother is a genius, blond and blue-eyed and every girl's dream husband. I've got way too many Starbucks gift cards in my wallet. I love manicures, lipstick and the color pink. I'm 5'1", and done growing. Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Teen Wolf are my ish. Swag?

Joshua 1:9
"This is my command: be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
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The Bad Boy's A Superhero

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Description: “If you’re a hero, then why are you running?” I pause in the drizzling rain. “Only people who have something to hide wear masks.” I whisper. I place my palm on his cheek, wondering what he would do if I were to pull the mask away. “I never said I w...

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Princess of the Pack

Princess of the Pack

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That was when I saw him. He was devastatingly beautiful. He had dark hair like most of the pack...but he...

5flyingsaucers posted a message to hiphop4em
I don't think anyone really cares if a book is proof read or not we just enjoy reading the damn thing if we can understand numbers as words and letters I'm pretty sure we can look over spelling errors. or of it doesn't completely match
ReinDroplets posted a message to hiphop4em
I don't really care if the 'bad boy's a superhero' is unedited or not! I need to read it! Like, really, really, need to find out what'll happen next! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isabel_Lawley posted a message to hiphop4em
I've never begged anyone to update a book before... But PLEEEEAAASEE!!!?? lol I was so ready to start reading the next chapter but it was being edited d: please update soon? 
izzie97 posted a message to hiphop4em
Hey there, we don't care if the chapters of TBBASH need editing, we want to read it. Please please update ASAP for your fans. Btw I don't mean to be rude :3