This is a bunch of bullshit about me.  So, have fun.
Pretty sure you're lost if you're here.Or maybe not, but that just makes you crazy.
I like food, food, food, and um... I got it! Food!
And also reading and writing and not attending school and that kind of stuff. The usual BS.
Also like doing things people tell me not to do. Because normal is overrated. No offense or anything.
Also: hate people who say "May the 4th be with you" on May 4th. Reason for this is confidential.
I don't like cake. Fight me.
May or may not have ADHD, probably why my updating schedule is so spontaneous. And, side note, my dog is eating the floor right now.
So, I'm American. I don't get what all the other people have against us, but I guess I am a smart ass, so I don't blame them.
Message me if you like, I'm attention starved and cuss a little more than is comfortable.
I'm sarcastic as hell, prepare to roll your eyes a lot. I mean hey, still counts as exercise?
I'm kind of crazy and say random stuff and am really good at creating awkward silences or not paying attention to my messages for days. But I do talk to people sometimes, despite what you might think.
I am introverted but act like an extrovert when you try to talk to me.
I'm low-key crazy
Maybe that's why people don't talk to me. And yes, I am aware of this. No, I do not give a damn.
So, I'm kind of bored of writing this, I'm gonna go try and fail to act like a normal 14 year old.
Will possibly but probably not talk to you later.
  • I'm directionally challenged. Pretty sure the south pole is in the north.
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I finally climbed out from under my rock and posted again! But be warned, I know I'm writing romance, but this chapter is more of a horror. Probably won't get nightmares cuz I suck at writing, but ha...
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