Just want you to know dude? Heatwaves honest to god just meant so much to me, and I’m thankful you made it. It reminded me so much of my relationship with my girlfriend, perfectly captured those euphoric little moments of flirting with someone over text, and generally had amazing and lovely metaphors. I’ll miss it, even knowing the internet I know it’s definitely not going anywhere lol, but I respect the decision truthfully (lord knows I’ve felt the same way in some form). Hope the future does you well bro, ✌️


@Lunagames200 same but me and her left on bad terms lmao


was heatwaves taken down?? i know what happened to helium, but heatwaves?? the official upload isnt showing anymore


@Emico-chan they left the fandom and they didnt want to continue writing but they felt like if they left the story up the temptation would still be there so they deleted it so there was no possible way to continue it.