Well hello there! Since you've chosen to read this, then... I have nothing to say about that. XD

I'm a teen girl. Love to read and write. Competitive swimmer. Singer. Actress. Flirt. Extremely random. Very very single and loving it. Love to make people happy. Lots of friends. Obsession with all food... except brussel sprouts. Which is expected.

Autumn is my favourite season.

My theme song.

Don't waste a second of your life. Do crazy shit once in a while just to make life fun. :)


Later people. xx
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heytheresexy heytheresexy Nov 15, 2012 02:38AM
Hiiiii published another chapter, check it out? :D
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Description: In a world of nothing but grey, life seems bleak and hopeless... Especially for Alice, a young woman growing up in the 1860's. Raised by an abusive mother and unaffectionate father, and forced to marry a man s...


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