A - I like apricot jam.
B - I'm from a big city in California.
C - is for meowing creatures.
D - I am delightful.
E - Eat. Everything.
F - J'espere aujourd'hui est sera bon. (failed it)
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Coincidence, I Think Not! (Darren Criss)

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Description: Minnie Belles, the good old fashioned Glee fan has an itsy bitsy crush on the acclaimed man, Darren Criss. His charms and personality had always been a niche when she sought other men but none could be as simply 'perfect' as he is. The day she final...

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Unbreakable Vows (Tom Felton)

Unbreakable Vows (Tom Felton)

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When 21 year old Olivia moved back home, she expected nothing but love and a home with her parents. As i...

The Dragon's Keeper (Draco Malfoy)

The Dragon's Keeper (Draco Malfoy)

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I'm Waiting

I'm Waiting

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A Few Marvelous Tales

A Few Marvelous Tales

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Demi-gods. Robots. Soliders. Oh my!

Hello! I am debating about picking up writing again (aka continuing the various stories I have up). I would love to hear from anyone on this. Thank you. 
@Dallytexas hi there, I'm thinking about continuing the story. It's been a few years and I'm debating the pros and cons. It's been so long that I don't know who's interested. 

Hello readers, it's been really nice to read such encouraging comments after so long. I stopped updating because I had a case of writers block as well as self-doubt. I was really caught up in trying to be a decent writer that I had to recheck my work constantly so it took longer. I am very self conscious about my writing and writing potential. Despite this I have read the numerous comments and I feel a light urge to continue. After so long however, I don't know if I'll be good enough to continue these stories.  Please leave comments on how you feel about this or leave me a message. I'd love to hear of your reposes :) thank you for all the kindness and encouragement.