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Coincidence, I Think Not! (Darren Criss)

Social data: 16.9K reads. 231 votes. 76 comments.

Description: Minnie Belles, the good old fashioned Glee fan has an itsy bitsy crush on the acclaimed man, Darren Criss. His charms and personality had always been a niche when she sought other men but none could be as simp...


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Unbreakable Vows (Tom Felton)

Unbreakable Vows (Tom Felton)

10.7K 139 32

When 21 year old Olivia moved back home, she expected nothing but love and a home with her parents. As i...

The Dragon's Keeper (Draco Malfoy)

The Dragon's Keeper (Draco Malfoy)

8.9K 227 103

Voldemort. Horcruxes. Dragons. (Oh My!) June Summerbee, the fourth addition to the rambunctious and rebe...

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