I've been an entrepreneur and writer all my life and from early childhood on was always interested most in helping others. Driven by a mind that never stops, I've ventured into many businesses and have always done and gone, "what and where I wanted", but never published my fictional writings - until now; over the years, I have founded and grown several companies in different industries before running the German office of a British Investment Firm for five years and stepping down in summer 2005, when I formed a private investment and consulting firm, that I am still heading today. As far as non-fiction, I've published many articles for newspapers, magazines and online publications, for example regularly for the German Manager Magazin (1998-2001), the Financial Times Germany or Spiegel Online - however it is a new feeling to expose to a broader public, what up til now, I've only written for myself... 

In 2010, I set out on a spontaneous trip to Europe (from the United States), solving 12 enigmas that global bestselling author Paulo Coelho had posted on his blog only days before. I solved all of them, travelled over 5,000 km in seven days through France and Spain, and arrived first at the secret, last location, only to win the magical sword hidden there.
As one of the results of that trip, I sat down to write every day without fail ever since, completed my first novel and am in the middle of the second. It's exciting that many stories and fractions I wrote many years ago and kept, now make sense in the context of putting together the novels, as if it was always meant to be that way.

I've decided to publish only under my pen name, Henry A. Freeman - for me a simple expression of a new chapter of my life, of my free spirit and inborn creativity. My website is henryfreeman.com and you can follow me on twitter.com/hf.

I believe that truly everything (you can imagine) is possible and hope to ignite that thinking also in you. May you find what you are seeking!
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