Hi loves, 
          	Chapter 60 & 61 are up! Lee and Ivory are reunited amongst other chaos. Check it out! If you already want Chapter 62, you can read it for free on this exclusive link: https://inkitt.app.link/RA_hellovirgo  :) 
          	Thank you for all of the ongoing support and encouragement, even when the encouragement is sometimes scary! I love you all.
          	All of my heart and more,
          	Virgo xoxo


@hellovirgo Good to have you back :)


Started reading SWAL in 8th grade. I’m in college now... yikes.


@ShahanaShama7 i’ve been following her story on Inkitt too and the latest chapter was updated in November/ December of 2019 if i’m not wrong ):


@Tian_a thank you so much! She did upload on inkitt. Idk if its the same recent chapter.


@ShahanaShama7 i follow her on instagram and apparently she has recently graduated college. Either she will have more time to write now or has put it completely behind her. Also congrats on graduating (:


The last time she posted was last year December 1st, let's just hope she'll wrap up the book this year for her fans.
          It's truly tiring seeing everyone so worked up about her finishing this book yet it seems the author doesn't know how much it hurts her fans that this book has taken years to finish and the author doesn't even send in messages to tell her fans if she will or will not longer be updating anymore on this app.
          Better than leaving us hanging why not just give us closure by either quickly wrapping up the book or telling us you will no longer be posting.
          It's a pity Good books like this, sometimes are usually left hanging in this app, the readers don't know what's happened to the author because the author has gone AWOL!! , It's sad really.
          Sometimes I just prefer reading completed books than books that are still being updated because sometimes you'll just be scared the author might not finish the book. Although there some that are faithful to their fanbase which I'm really happy for but still, we are humans don't toy with our emotions. Pls!!!
          Pls if you are an author out there, you are also a reader to someone else, you wouldn't want the writer of a book your probably enjoying to leave you half ways without probably giving light to their situation or to give a reason why they won't be updating, pls.
          It could be writer's block or any other personal problem, a closure to your reader's will be the best.
          The author of this novel if you are probably seeing this. Pls give us closure by either telling us you won't update again or either wrap the story quickly so we won't disturb you again.
          Also sorry for the epistle, I just wanted to say this out cos I've experienced it with another author too.


@xclusivepromia If there was a like button for comments on this app I would have liked this


@xclusivepromia I hope you're right. The funny part is that she was planning on writing a sequel... duh