I found this site at random and love it! theres so many good writers here with awsome storys. Its so tempting to sit here all day with my computer and read them lol. Ive put up 2 of my own stories, and i hope everyone who reads them enjoys them. 

:) about me huh.... kinda pointless to say what i like but it will fill up some space so why not! :)

i like...
ice skating
volley ball
reading, watching, and drawing manga and anime
reading books
writing stories
playing games like Sims, Kingdom Hearts, Mario... (havent played any in reallllll longgggg time though but still like them)
hmm what else..oh ya
chocolate (seriously who dosent like chocolate! haha! )

Well i think thats a long enough list :) lol
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Description: "I play the game at my own risk. From this point on i play the kiss. A favour do I owe to you, if I pull away too soon. Fail should I to pay the price, I shall face the promised vice. To Cupids Council do I swear, to play the game if I...

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Never eat candy from a fairy.

Never eat candy from a fairy.

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Just A Faerie Tale Curse

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I am reading my story The Kissing Games and am laughing and grinning at myself ...grade 10 and 11 good times .. :)
      Here are my plans for this year:
      More chapters for The Kissing Games
      New stories (so far I haven't thought of better names for them) :
      The Kingdom Of Iron Bars
      Second Chance
      A Comas Lie
      Masked Duet
      Its been a long time, thank you to everyone who has stuck with me. :) Do you all still want me to update Never Eat Candy From A Fairy?
Its been so long since I've com on here. I truly sorry. Many things have happened in my life no excuse I know lol . I have offically graduated high school last year . I am going to try to continue the kissing game story as well as go over all my horrible spelling and grammer mistakes. I am also planning sometime soon hopefully to write one of my stories that I am serious about wanting to try and publish one day. Wattpad has help encourage me to write and enjoy writing. I have addeda lot of stories to to library so I could read something on the plane without internet if you wondering . Its so amazing you can read without internet. Lots of the books people have written on here are mind blowing awesome and have become favourites. Some of books are so good that me and my best friends have been using things from them as inside jokes on school year books and birthday cards these past 3 years lol . Thank you for making me laugh and smile fellow wattpad authors. :) And thank you for everyone who has supported my stories . :)
heartstar8 commented on Love Bites - IMPORTANT

Ahhhh there is no more!!! Noooooo lol Well I think your story is great , I have nothing wrong with your main characters even if I did its your stories your rules and that's what make it a good read. I totally agree with you if a person dosent like it they can stop reading. Although it's good to have some advice and critisim to help improve writing no one likes to have it repeated to them over an over especially when its traits that make your character who they are and not someone else's.  And considering we like to think were perfect all the time we all say thing we regret one time or another and we try to become better so your character does not have to be super nice all the time even if its to the dislike of readers. Its your character :) I can't tell who I want her to end up with lol but I am hoping you will introduce some nice girls so she can have a friend who is not guy after her heart. Everyone needs a best friend and there are tons of nice people out there even in the vamp world but its your story up to you. 
      Iove it so far ,your doing great! Good luck on your paper :)