i am 17 years old i love singing, dancing, ballroom, movies, music, and books. i am not saying how old i am. its either i am 17 or 18 years old. u have to guess my age. i have long hair used to have short hair, my hair is longer now. i smile and laugh a lot. i have crazy love able friends. they make me happy all the time. its easy to make me laugh. my real name is Lauren. i have lots of nickname Heartfire is one. everyone calls me Heartfre because i am happy and nice to everyone until u get me mad. i have 3 sisters and 1 brother. the first born is chris, than its kelly, than its britt, than its me, a the baby of the family mariah. i am a writer but i want to put my whole story up not in pieces. i have a writers block right now. i am not on break any more and i still have writers block but i wrote a little and still dont work. i am still  try to write my story. my story is about 3 sisters that just found out that  their are witches. they are moving to a place(not going to tell what place) with their cousin. found alots of secret's that  their mom kept from them and they come out after a few years have past after their mom died. this is half a bio of me half of something else.
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people don't realize that the reason u put Janie in the story or any new characters it's for a reason. it's to make the story good and u put them in a way to keep going. yea everybody wants the main characters more but the reason Ryder's older brother is there is because of a Janie and to get more people in his group. so he is a problem. their is always conflict in a story and the reason for that conflict. don't let anyone distory ur vision of the story. to me I love the story it's very well written to a lot of stories on Wattpad. it's one of my favorites but if u can't continue I won't hold it against u I will just make up my own ending in my head. what I think u should do is finish the story and publish the book. I will buy the book because it's that good. I hope this makes u feel better (: