I have no life so I'm going to rewrite this thing! 

My real name is a secret but I might tell you my age. I love anime and reading mangas mostly shoujo since I'm a sucker for romance stories. They just make me cry. Yes, I'm weird like that. I guess that would be all I'm going to say right now. Have a nice day or night or afternoon.

@CLSCrow The person who is way too sarcastic and way too funny and wears way too much black. Hi!

@when_forever_ends Person that I don't see everyday *cries* haha. I know where you live *stalker mode on* *Grins*
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heartburningwithfire heartburningwithfire a year ago
Hi everyone! I'm sorry that I have been gone for a while >.< It's been like years since I updated anything but I found a lot of errors and things like that in my previous stories. So I'm still decidi...
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Alone In This World

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Description: Auden Smith a 17 year old is not your topical teenager. Auden parents died in front of her in a car crash, the day she turned 10 years old. Raised as an orphan, Auden is not as confident as others. Making her...


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Love Exists

Love Exists

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I whimpered, I do not want to die so young. Why is my fur color hated in this society of werewolves? Why...



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The blinding light flashed open as soon as I walked into the big green room. I staggered backwards, a bi...

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