Happy birthday images Schalke coach Magath confirmed in the interview of the world on Sunday without discipline, great success is not possible. A player must understand his sport as a profession and find a professional attitude on his own. As a coach he would never interfere with the players' private life. He is concerned about what is happening on the pitch, not outside. So he knows no compassion when stars can barely run before sore muscles. To be strained and burdened is, in his opinion, a result of hard work. Compensation of the profession is success, recognition and money.

Happy birthday images When Magath took his position at Schalke, he recognized weak points in the stamina and the team's coordinating skills. Magath admits that there are other ways to success, but he only knows one thing: hard training, order and discipline. Magath is a man of the old school. In the interview, he expresses himself in a manner that the past does not interest him. He looks forward and does not say that bad work was done, the gaps of the training looks more like that simply less value was put on endurance.

Happy birthday images Absolute certainty that his training methods do not go up. "If you want to create new structures, something like this never goes without counter-defense. It may well be that the coming weeks and months are getting restless. But I am convinced that we will be successful and win the championship title in these four years, "says Magath. Players are given the right to speak, but as a coach he concentrates on not talking too much, but working. In his leading function, he is quite abashed, because he also takes criticism from the outside, but is not overbearing by this strength, but remains human: "It took me, as I do today, not to cringe with every expression of opinion or criticism . Happy birthday images.
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