i have an xbox live account and the games i have are halo reach and halo 3. i am also making a clan for both games called H.L.O.N. or halo's league of ninja's. to join just send me a request. also my gamer tag is FunnyFuzz45 

i have a youtube account and my account name is xXsemorebuttsXx. but you shouldn't look it up because i have only posted two vid's.

i have my own computer wich comes in hande for things.
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halo 3 red vs blue: storys of people called spartans [prolouge]

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Description: an funny and epic new series of red vs blue with red team: lynch,seth,phill and bridge. blue team: chief,masterton,slinger and megabites

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Zombie : The Beginning

Zombie : The Beginning

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If you ever a see a person running to you and he has creepy blood shot eyes, blood all over his face and...

halo: 3 odst story (prologue)

halo: 3 odst story (prologue)

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halo 3 (hayabusa) capter one ''flower power my ass'' (short)
what to do when your at mcdonalds...

what to do when your at mcdonalds...

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2o new things to do at mcdonalds