My life is nothing but a joke but I laugh along with others.
Anyone who plays Volleyball, I love you and those who don't I love you as well.
What sport do you play then ?? :)

Volleyball is everything to me. But I am afraid its been a while since I last played because..well school sucks. And exams suck too.

I have a bunch of friends but not a 'bestie'. So I really know what it is when you talk about golden friendship. ^-^

Anime is fun. Don't even fight me on this. #once an Otaku always an Otaku.
Sometimes I think anime world is better than reality. Call me weird if you want to but that's what my opinion is. ^-^ I have watched a lot of them and I am not bored yet so yeah.

One Direction anyone ? X) well get you 5 boys who can do about anything and everything. #Directioner

Who else loves Dan Brown ? I am in for a collection and I can't get enough. X)

Well I am not gonna go and express my undying love for reading because that's why I am here right ? Wattpad is one of the best things that have ever happened to me 😆😆

^~^~Always in for food~^~^

❤❤ K-Drama and K-Pop, Thai Drama, Exo and
Bts are💗❤❤

❤❤Winter, mornings, sweaters,
coffee, smell of rain, thundershowers,
nights, trees, Netflix and kissnaime❤❤

••Just chillin in my room••





Find me love like Pride and Prejudice.

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