My name is Melody and I'm a terrible writer but I do it anyway. I like bands and Game of Thrones. I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. I play violin, bass, piano, and guitar. I'm about to finish high school and start college. I read a lot which is why  I originally made a Wattpad but writing has been pretty cool too. If you wanna be friend you can message me but I'm pretty sure no one even knows my account actually exists.
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harmoneyteru harmoneyteru Jun 25, 2016 11:52PM
my story lost and found is officially done
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They Told Me I Was Gone ~Joshua Dun FanFiction~

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Description: Shae is in therapy for incurable depression that has no cause. She has no escape, no motivation, no desire to do anything or be anything bigger or better than what she already is. Her life is very plain and bo...


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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

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Almost 20 years later, Ave's children ask her about how she met their father, and she gives them a short...

I've Got To Bite My Tongue {COMPLETED}

I've Got To Bite My Tongue {COMPLETED}

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"He asked you out over the phone? That's such a pussy move." he scoffed. I smirked at him...

Superhero (Gerard Way One Shot)

Superhero (Gerard Way One Shot)

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Elle is at a party, looking to gain back her confidence after a bad break up with a long time boyfriend...


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