My name is Melody and I'm a terrible writer but I do it anyway. I like bands and Game of Thrones. I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. I play violin, bass, piano, and guitar. I'm about to finish high school and start college. I read a lot which is why  I originally made a Wattpad but writing has been pretty cool too. If you wanna be friend you can message me but I'm pretty sure no one even knows my account actually exists.
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harmoneyteru harmoneyteru May 07, 2016 12:20AM
my Oli story has been completely finished and uploaded and im thinking i might continue writing? i have a few ideas but none that i really love enough to write
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I've Got To Bite My Tongue {COMPLETED}

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Description: "He asked you out over the phone? That's such a pussy move." he scoffed. I smirked at him, "Well I don't see you making any moves, so stay quiet." "I'm not allowed to make a move on...

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