I 💙 the anime Fairy Tail, so I will probably make A LOT of Fairy Tail fanfictions. I have two Fairy Tail books called Ancient Dragon Slayers and 31 Days To Convince me. Fair warning: all of them have OC (original characters) as some of the main characters. I am also writing a Sting X Reader called Cloud Nine.

I am also into Kuroko no Basket and Attack on Titan. I have no Attack on Titan books, but I do have a few Kuroko no Basket book.

I 💜 school. I 💚 homework. But just because I love these things, doesn't mean I will help anyone with their homework. 😝
Is that mean of me?😇

💖💘I only call 8 people my bae.💘💖
AOT: Eren
Fairy Tail: Sting, Hibiki, and Lyon
KNB: Akashi, Chihiro, And Kotaro
Haikyuu: Oikawa
They are all anime characters.
Is that bad?😓

😂One of my favorite jokes goes like this😂:
99% of all girls in the world would be screaming, "No! Don't Jump!", when Justin Bieber was getting ready to jump off a skyscraper. I would be the 1% sitting on a lawn chair with popcorn yelling, "Do a backflip!".
I mean no offense to Justin Bieber or his fans with this comment. I may not like him, but that doesn't mean I want him to die. He is a good music artist and some of his songs are good. I just think that the joke is amusing. In reality, I would be one of the people reassuring him and stopping him. I don't wish death on anyone.

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