C is for colourful, I have a lot of personality
O is for original, never met anyone like me
N is for no, i'll tell you you're pushing it
F is for friendly, thats a must for me
I is for inquisitive, im always wondering about stuff
D is for dreamer, got some mega ideas
E is for equality, i'll fight for it like crazy
N is for now, im not the type who waits around
C is for casualy, I hate major seriousness
E is for energy, good luck sitting me down

CONFIDENCE? Yeah, thats me!

• 14 year old girl from England
• Major gleek
• I like tangy cheese doritoooooos!
• I'm quite vain... And proud... I don't even really have the looks to be vain about, but be sure that I'll find something...
• I have absolutely no idea what I want to be
When I'm older
• I like funny things and funny people :)
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    Apr 18, 2012 03:47PM

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Young And Growing

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Description: Do you ever look at a teenagers face and wonder "what are they thinking?"? Because that's what I'm trying to clarify with this compilation of short stories about what is going on inside my head. Sinc...


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young insanity

young insanity

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what if...

what if...

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short poem of 'what ifs'



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you, my friend, just couldnt keep

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