Hi, everyone!
          	I keep on getting messages from readers asking for reprint of HLOMN. We have no plans for a reprint as of the moment. It saddens me to see HLOMN being sold at twice or thrice the original price knowing that most of my readers are still students. 
          	I'm asking for you to extend your patience until such time that I can find a reliable printing/publishing company to push through the reprint. I hope you can wait until I can find ways to further improve the quality of the books without skyrocketing the price. Let's cherish this slow growth because I believe in the end it will be worth it.
          	Don't worry because I have no plans of filing any of my stories to the Paid Program. It's always free to read online, it will always be available. Until then, let's continue growing in silence and hope that one day, it will be our turn. 


Thank yooouuuu madame, Ilysm❤️


Immac ate maganda quality ng books nila. Ambait pa ng owner


@hanmariam love you always, madame!!!❤️


 Hi! I'm sorry for plugging! I just want to introduce my story! If ever want mo ng high school romance and wholesome lang, you can give my story a shot :) 
          Thank you in advance. I'd appreciate your time! 


Hello, permission to plug in! ☻
          I would really appreciate it if you give my story a shot. Please do leave a like and let me know your opinions on the comment section! 
          A crime occurred in the center of Willowbrook on the night of late October 1781. Only Victoria Williams knows what truly happened. However, she will never bring it up with anyone. She is both saved and cursed by the crime. Two men devoted their hearts to her. One's a gentleman-devil, and the other one is the Duke of Faurenvield. A story of redemption, and in the midst of everything is love. passionate. powerful. altering history's path.