++ H a n a S e n p a i ++

☜YOU! YES YOU, the one reading this. You are beatiful, talented, awesome and best at being you. NEVER FORGET THAT!

✘ Single
✘ Taken
✘ It's complicated
✘ In a relationship
✔Hungry 24/7


°| BAMF / Ninja
°| purple
°| chocolate & jellybeans
°| team cats
°| nigahiga
°| otaku. Shame on you if you don't know what that word means *throws banana peel on your face*
°| not lazy, just on energy saving mode
°| multilinguist
°| randomly follow accounts
°| spam my books with votes and add to your reading list. I'll vote back on your books
°| few fave animes which i recommend
-Fairy Tail
-Tokyo Ghoul

Joint account: @sheeshdummy
Best friend: @Nash_Efron


Everybody is putting up deep, irrelevant, and extremely shitty quotes on their profiles so I guess I'll have a go too

"If people are talking behind your back, don't get angry, just fart."
"Follow your heart, yes, but take your brain along with it too."
"Sometimes, I wish I was a bird. So I could fly over certain people and shit on their heads."
"If you can't convince them, confuse them."


I complain in my rant book
Then I do nothing about it
I just like SLEEP or something since I'm super lazy.

"Do. Not. Mess. With. My. Sleep. Bitch. Or Imma mess your face up."

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