sorry to bother you but... wow, I've already finished a court o song and shadow... I cannot find the words to describe it. I'm from Italy and this is one of my first books that I've read in english and I've finished in like 24 hours. I really think that Sarah J.Maas must give you the possibility to make what you wrote the real story of Rhysand's sister cause if this is not the official one I'll not take anyone's other like the official. nore the Maas one. 
          It's literally perfect, I had to convince myself that I eas reading on wattpad like every 5 minutes cause it's better written than acotar.
          I love it. And if only I could I'll give him the empty space near acotar in my library
          And you'll ever want to translate in Italian I'll be very happy to help you 


Hey! So I found you on tiktok and then came here to read your book and though I’m not that far into it yet, I’m in love! Just a question would you write more acotar fanfics in the future? and if yes would you consider doing one about there being a 4th Archeron sister? Anyways love the book!


I found you on tiktok and had no idea this was based on an actual book series. This was beautiful and the ending had me sobbinggggg. 
          I wanna read the actual series now cause I’m gonna miss these characters. Is it worth it? If so where do I start? 


            I’m so glad you liked it! The actual series is called A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas, my story will make a lot more sense after you read the actual series lol. 
            Hope this helps! 


I’m begging you please write more. I read this in a day and it literally has more sobbing. I have gotten to attached. Do you think maybe you could do one where she doesn’t die or she comes back after the second war? I love a court of song and shadows and right now it means a lot to me. Please? :) 
          P.S I absolutely love your work you are an amazing write


I know I’ve already commented on this before, but I would love to add your fanfic to my ACOTAR book collection. Would it be okay if I had this printed out for my bookshelf? 


Hi! I saw that you completed your book on tiktok and saw you were writing on a different source. I usually write on Google Docs but was wondering what you use? 


@kaylarosewrites Thank you so much for replying!


Scrivener is a very popular writing software. She probably uses that or Microsoft word