HI!!!!!!! this i$ t0 @ny 0ne 0ut there wh0 w0uld c@re t0 r3@d!!!! i'm not very new to wattpad but i LUV IT!!! i really like reading the books but i also like writing. i havent posted any thing on wattpad yet but i would like to sometime. huh what else is there to know.........one of the books i really love is she's one of the boys by lillyrain. i like any kind of book really but adventure is one of them on the top of my list..and romance;) well i'll just be going now...BYE!!!
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Dear Lord, no! I was going to meet him? In a dress? With my family there, and people laughing and dancing everywhere? What the bloody hell was I going to say? What was I going to do? And most importa...
Errrmmerrrguud! Hide under the table to try and get away then run into mr Ambrose feet!!! Whatevs, can't wait!!